Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yello Bostich, Remix contest at Beatport

What does a guy like me, with way too much time on his hands do for fun? Well those that follow the production on this blog know I have a passion for mixing electronic music. Getting familiar with the tool Live by Ableton, has been a ton of fun over the past 2 years.
Yello Bostich -- Strange Creatures Remix by marc fleury
Recently Beatport (one of the biggest DJ download sites) has been running an open Yello contest to remix Bostich and Oh Yeah! (Oh Yeah was their biggest cross-over hit in the 80's). I have picked up Bostich because it was typical Yello for me, crazy fast music with moments of lyrical/chorus genius. I try to key on those elements and stretch them out, replay them in a different order. Besides the drum beat, that I had to redo, everything else is from the original with just sound work. Interesting how the resulting sound is techno.



TF said...

I don't want to create yet another account, so I'll comment here:
Very interesting combination of sounds, me likes.
What about playing with pausing the marching drums some times to build up more tension?

Marcf said...

Thanks TF, yes I agree, the pausing of marching drums does build up more tension. I have a version where I played with that.