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When the GPL makes complete sense

Before I forget all about this software world, I wanted to put in a word for the GPL for a different reason that I have done in the past.

Explaining the advantages of freedom for software in a business setting was always a difficult excercise. Reading a manifesto makes you look like a bomb throwing anarchist most of the time. So in fact we focused on the free as in beer, as opposed to the free as in freedom when it comes to corporate america.

But place yourself at the point of singularity. In 10, 20 or maybe 200 years, man and machine will merge. Increasingly we will use software to control functions of the body.

In that world, you want to have "free software" as in "freedom". Money wont really be the issue, freedom to run and modify will be. You want freedom to run the software that backs up your memories, you want the freedom to modify the HUD software in your field of vision. Imagine waiting for "human service pack 3.1" to fix bugs, it can't …

Brain reading in a patch.

Thanks to Juha Lindfors for pointing out, via comments on the previous blogpost, the bit of news about teletransportation. It seems the "vienna" school of thought of quantum physics, is busy demonstrating "spooky action a distance" from Tenerife to La Palma (100km). Scaling up the effect discussed in the previous blog. Slashdot had news threads about it. This morning I decided to catch up on my slashdot feed.

There I saw this bit of Slashdot coverage on brain implants that make your brain the computer. It is a CNN rehash of an old Business 2.0 article of old Nature news. It made the cover of Nature in early 2006, and it was great to read a highly speculative piece about the technology possible futures.

The brain emits electricity and therefore electromagnetism as it "thinks". We have the tech to read some electrical signatures. From MRI, to portable bands (in Nature: a pill sized implant). Some signatures are unique and therefore can be mapped back to…

Spooky action at a distance

I am covering a recent bit of Science news reported in Nature. It has to do with "spooky action at a distance". I had studied this quantum mechanics phenomena under Prof. Alain Aspect (not kidding you on the name) while at the Polytechnique School in Paris. So when I saw him pen the coverage of the research I was somewhat excited. Prof Aspect is famous for an experiment done in the 80's whose results violate Bell's inequalities and confirm predictions of Quantum Mechanics instead.

First hypothesized by Einstein, Podolski and Rosen, this class of "thought experiment" was about pointing out a weird prediction that spooky action at a distance was predicted with particles in a Quantum state called "entangled". Einstein famously did not believe in this possibility.

Since then, a lot of observed data has dodgedly confirmed the QM predictions to the dismay of many physicists. As Alain Aspect puts it in the "news and view" coverage of the new …

PS3, loving it!

I just have to put a word in for the PS3. It is a superb console and the games are getting quickly better.

I am completely blown away by the graphics engine. It is so good that travelling through NYC in Spiderman3 (the game) makes the whole game. I just finished Call of Duty, that was a great game.

I have enjoyed my PSP, my XBox 360 (Gears of War, what a great game) and I even am enjoying the WII. But after all the noise settles down, for my tastes, the PS3 is the winner hands down.

And the best part of it? It is absolutely silent, it is good citizen in the bedroom. I remember why I like Sony.

Lovin it, any games you guys recommend? any console listed above is game :)