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The resurgence of Hidden Variables.

No hidden variables, EPR. 
I studied quantum mechanics (QM) under the tutoring of A.Aspect.  In the 70's, while at CERN, Bell had shown that so called 'hidden variable' models of QM (the one championed by Einstein) and proper QM models gave different predictions.  Aspect's experiment in the 80's had ruled in favor of QM. Hidden variables models were a no-go. 30 years later the debate still isn't settled. 

30 years later a hidden variable analog emerges.
 The 2006 Walkers of Couder (ENS Paris) were profiled in 'through the wormhole'. They have recently been re-filmed and precisely mathematically modeled by John Bush at MIT.  See the accompanying video. I have started modeling these 'walkers' in java software code. 

This is a silicon bath (viscous) with damping standing waves excited at the frequency of Faraday. The combination of standing waves in confined spaces gives a phase where the particle and the wave are in sync. The particle creates the wave…