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Seen any great movies lately?

Ok here are two:

1- Ratatouille. Great, great movie. Went there with all the kids except #4 (who is 9 mo) and we all loved it. It is a glamorous picture of Paris and cooking which is all alright by me. GO SEE IT.

2- Shooter. Best movie in 10 years. Yeah it is that good. A classic. GO BUY IT.

Please leave some DVD recommendation in the comments if you would. Remember I have a lot of time :)

iPhone is technolust

I used to hate Apple. I had some beef about how they designed their screen or something. Well it is all forgotten. The iPhone is a gorgeous techno-device.

I couldn't resist and I went to the store to check it out. I was thinking about one for myself. Not as a phone mind you, I don't want a new phone. But as a web-browsing device with a touch screen UI.

I have tried the Mylo, the eReader, and the ultra portable from Sony. From the moment you pick up that thing it feels great. The design is slick and the screen is gorgeous. It reminded me of the first time I picked up the PSP. I couldn't stop giggling. Apparently the glass surface doesn't scratch easy so the result is a breath taking screen.

I tried gmail immediately. Navigating the UI was really intuitive. The touch screen works great. The zoom feature is really nifty and something badly needed on all the portable touch devices.

As many others, I found the keyboard thing really got in my way. I hear that people get…