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3 Nobel prize winners poopoo the walkers.

A great article from the Simons foundation came out back in June covering the walker research.   These objects, a wave/particle association, are attracting attention because they have the capacity to self-excite themselves into quantized orbits and reproduce an increasing catalog of quantum behavior previously only observed in electrons but never in 'classical' systems.  For a more in depth look at the walkers, the article does a good job. 

The article interviews 3 Nobel prize winners.  

Here is what t'Hooft had to say (from the article): "Personally, I think it has little to do with quantum mechanics,” said Gerard ’t Hooft, a Nobel Prize-winning particle physicist at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He believes quantum theory is incomplete but dislikes pilot-wave theory. Wilczek was just as encouraging: "Many working quantum physicists question the value of rebuilding their highly successful Standard Model from scratch. “I think the experiments are very cleve…