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Cavity effects in Double Slit experiments in Walker Systems

An article in Quanta Magazine has made quite a stir in the walker community.  The evidence DOOMS any hope for realism in quantum mechanics.

Doomed We tell you! The gist of the argument centers around the double slit experiment in analog walker systems. In a nutshell it throws considerable FUD on the original paper by Couder and Fort, at the Parisian Langevin, who first reported results of interference patterns on double slit experiments some 10 years ago. The article claims they may have been quick to declare victory. The insinuation that there may have been fraud on the part of Fort and Couder is in really bad taste and we will pass in silence on that journalistic faux pas.  
No replication of Double slit
The problem is that bona fide attempts by teams such as Bush's lab at MIT and others such as Batelaan (Nebraska) and Bohr III have failed to reproduce the effects reported in the original Nature article.

Disclosure I work with both the MIT team and the Langevin team.  I presented th…