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Caustics in quantum gravity

Following up on the toy model post part 1. In part one, I consider a world that is essentially a large elastic 3D ball that is initially compressed and starts expanding. It is still expanding and the elastic compression potential is akin to dark energy (aka repulsive). This simple toy model is of type "ether". While ether theories are widely recognized to be wrong due to the evidence from Michelson Morley, I use the mental model to think about questions like E=mc2, gravity, the cosmological constant, the de Sitter universe and some cosmological questions. The link is here.

The next question is where do the stable waveforms come from? There exists many naturally occurring and stable patterns out there in nature. Light for example is focused in swimming pools or coffee cups. If you pay attention to the video the lines never really disappear even though the surface of the pool can be rather agitated. If you mentally project what is going on in the tank from the interse…