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Oracle and Open Source. NOT GOOD.

If you have been following the java news lately there is one theme that keeps coming back. It seems Oracle has declared open season on Open Source java and is trying to bully its way.
There have been a few incidents of late. First there has been the Open Office/Libre Office fiasco, where Open Office was essentially forked by its own community. Then there was the Java/JCP tantrum thrown by Apache, where Apache noisily left the JCP over spats with OSS licenses for the JVM (Harmony). And lately there are more, notably one with NetBeans. But one that is closer to home (and my wallet) involves a project led by an employee of Cloudbees.
Basically, if I understand the situation correctly the lead developer was a Sun employee when he started Hudson. So Oracle claims they own IP and brand, which very frankly is completely irrelevant since the license is OSS and the guys at Cloudbees can continue their work un-encumbered. And there is one thing left to do, which is basically to fork th…

A Day in the Life of Nathalie Mason-Fleury

Move over Juliet de Baubigny

In the midst of an immensely glamorous life where every minor acquaintance is some headlining Nobel Laureate, Titan of Industry, Famous Statesperson,
I’ve currently been stood up by my nemesis, Juan el Mecanico, who did NOT show up from 2-5pm to fix the currently broken blinds/washing machine/stove top. The scoundrel then had the gall to show up on another random day, fix absolutely nothing and charge me 300 euros.
I will take a moment to answer the question people most frequently ask me: “Nathalie, how DO you do it all?”
”Mamaaa….leche! Mamaaa….caca!”
What can I say, it’s the basic challenge facing every modern woman: how to balance a challenging career, personal and family time, with meaningful volunteer work. In my case, I try to make the world a better place through my foundation for rehabilitating the images of People Who Have Fallen Victim to Reality TV.


In Delta Force, I received Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger and Special Forces training. Following dis…