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The Animoog; a new type of synth of iPad

A friend at Moog (thanks Amos) connected me with their latest creation, the Animoog. I have been playing with the RC for a bit over a week now. It is publicly available since yesterday. It is priced promo at 0.99 and will revert to 29.99 in a month. If you have an iPad go get this app, the sounds coming out of it are quite impressive.

Anyway, I will be dropping a first song built around the animoog very soon.

TL;DR: a very cool synth. New sounds and approach. A fantastic UI design, very functional and intuitive. It is a new instrument for me.

2D Wavetable synthesis
At the heart of the synth is an interesting synthesis concept, Moog calls is Anisotropic Synthesis Engine. A rather fancy name to describe what is a strack of wave tables or a 16x16 table. Each cell is a sound. Each row a wavetable. You select each row as a 'timbre'. Then you can move through that. If you move vertically, you move through those waves/timbres, if you move horizontally you move through the w…