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The PS3: so quiet!

How I got the PS3 is a story in an on-itself. As most people I had plotted my course to get one. Money was not the issue. I went to ebay and started bidding on one before the launch. On my first attempt on a particular machine, no matter how much I would bid, this one guy was automatically beating me. I lost the deal. Then i smelled rotten fish when that guy writes to me saying "the guy who won decided not to buy, are you interested?". I felt so abused I didn't even answer. This was a BAD ebay experience.

I was pissed off so I decided that instead of giving 2 grands to some pimpy faced kid in his parents basement, I would give it to Ulyses. One of the construction workers from Mexico working on my house at the moment. I told him he needed to stay in line all night and I would pay him $700 extra for the service. He was game. So we show up the day before and all the places in line were already taken. People had been staying in line for 3 days. I felt so naive. No game…

Lenovo X60, Sony UX and NYSE: Finger driven

What do all these things have in common? touch screens. Touch screen are neat, they enable you to talk to the computer with your fingers which for a lot of task we do with the mouse is a natural.

I actually started on this trend with the UX. I was looking for a small computer on which I could read scientific papers and this little beauty came along. It is a gorgeous little thing. Completely un-usable (screen too small, 2 hr battery life?) but the concept is great.

I participated in the NYSE ringing the bell of RedHat. It was something to see, I mean the floor itself. The pods are all equiped with touchscreen. They have no space for mice :)

My idea is to use touch-screens for DJ'ing, another passion of mine. I will blog about that in more length. The other, more intellectual thing, is to use it to read papers. In that case the feature that is needed is the tablet so I can look at papers like it was meant too.

So I got me myself the latest touch tablet from Lenovo, the x60. …