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Biology's next revolution == AOP

Below is a submission I have sent to Nature magazine in response to a great essay detailing how "Horizontal Gene Transfer", as opposed to mendelian inheritance of genes, is emerging as an important pattern of software evolution in Nature. Basically, biologists are indeed finding that AOP like strategies for software maintenance and evolution are present in nature. I am writing this as a "software practitioner" to help nudge them along what seems like the right path to investigate. Biologists are increasingly talking about "middleware" of nature, the components that seem cross-cutting across the domains of life. Did you know we share 90% of genetic code with mice? Is that that surprising to middleware developers?
I will also put a podcast soon with a talk on that topic.

Dear Sir,

I read with great interest your recent essay on "Biology's next revolution" (Nature vol 445, p 369, 25 January 2007). The emerging pattern you are observing, Horiz…

Apple, part 3: the very very UGLY

Ok fake steve,

I have had enough. Want to hear the ugly? The really really ugly at Apple?


You know the screens for Mac? the silver shiny ones? the HD screen stuff? Yeah, they look good from a distance, like the bimbo macOSX. Well I bought one of them about 18 mo ago. People be WARNED: they come with their own proprietary power cord. I just had to replace one and it cost me $440. Not $2 like any other power cord for any other normal screen. no, FOUR HUNDRED dollars. $440! For a power cord!

Mac can't come with a standard $2 power cord like everyone else, no siree, it has to come with its own schamala-badabala thingy. Proprietary of course. And that thingy is a piece of SHITE. So the other day, I decide to move my screen. And I am not too careful. So I forgot to unplug the screen cord from the power box. Oh yeah, I forgot, that thing comes with an external power box. And OMG, SNAP! the lit…

Apple, Part 2: the Bad

Fake Steve-O,

Feeling good after my review of the Shuffle? hold on to your breath. Ok, the bad now.

Well frankly OSX. I think it sucks. My mother also thinks it sucks. My mom thinking it sucks is a "Nuff said".

I know you all like to sniff your underams alot about how great your stinking software is? HOW IN THE WORLD can you claim that it is the "most advanced software in the world". Such delusion! Frankly, I think it stinks. Like a bad french cheese but without the good taste. The fact that your minions seems oblivious to that stinkiness really, really gets on my nerves.

I put my mother on a G5 machine that is collecting dust in my basement. Yeah, I bought one of those monster a long time ago. I never could bring myself to really use it. No matter how hard I tried. I even tried forcing myself for a full week, just to get in the groove of things and all. No go, I went right back to my VAIO. I never "got it".

So I teach my mom how to surf the web with OSX. She …

Apple, Part 1: the Good

Hey! FakeSteve!

You are a smart ass aren't you? The southerners have an expression for your type: "likes to kiss himself in the mirror". Well at least you are funny in your blog, you seem to be an insider, for sure, even though your stories, about me at least, are off.

I figured I would give you some change back and tell you what I think about your products.

First the good. That one is easy, frankly BRAVO for the iPod shuffle. You know the mini-one. I know you are so busy loving your phone and all and you probably forgot all about the little iPod shuffle. See, I have been a long time lover of SONY. I couldn't get myself to ever like the iPod.

When the first iPod came out, yeah the one you freaking invented, dude! I thought it was a freaking BRICK. Let's face it, it was just downright UGLY. I know you know now that it was an UGLY piece of hardware. I knew it back then. Ick!

SONY at least had some freakin STYLE, man! They were doing solid state design, they were doing U…