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The Young Lady's Illustrated Primer

Say say my playmate,
Come out and play with me,
And bring your dollies three,
Climb up my apple tree,
Slide down my rainbow,
Into my cellar door,
And we'll be jolly friends,
Forever more
(children's nursery rhyme)

I once read a blog entry whose author waxed poetic on the fact that certain people (blogging or interacting on Internet forums) “just don’t get it,” it presumably being some unwritten rules for coolness on the Internet, understood by “those in the know"/the author’s particular clique of Internet acquaintances.

I had assumed that most of us were automatically uncool, by virtue of spending any significant amount of time on the Internet, in the first place. Weren’t all the cool people too busy caught up living the breathless whirl of their exciting lives to read or write? Then it dawned on me. Was it possible to be such a loser that even the other losers looked down on you? This possibility first occurred to me in Mr. M’s grammar class in Junior High.

I attended an old fash…

I join the advisory of Appcelerator

So it had to happen one day, I couldn't stay at home all day long and play video games. I have decided to get out of the house and as much as I like taking care of the children, I have to say that when Nathalie said "why don't you get an office", I immediately understood what she was talking about. So I have decided to strut down the street, quite literally down the street, to see my friends over at Appcelerator.

For those of you that know Ben Sabrin, JBoss' employee #1, Ben has also decided to come out of the retirement/professional gambling to work there as head of sales and business development. The company is headed by Jeff Haynie, someone I had got to know from the Atlanta entrepreneur community and who was an early contributor to JBoss in the 2001-2002 timeframe.

Jeff and colleagues have been doing the consulting thing for a while and have realized that the state of the tools to build RIA on top of SOA is still in flux. To speed up their own developme…

Finishing CoD4, word on the PS3, 3D?

Since I don't really have a life right now, I do spend some time on the games. I just finished Call of Duty (CoD4) about a week ago and found it to be very entertaining. I have played 2 and 3, that I can remember and the series seems to get better with time. The game makes the most of the PS3 graphics and it delivers a wicked experience.

The gameplay is fun with tactics you have to learn by trial and error. The game will try you in parts, I particularly remember the ferris wheel scene where you develop that zombie movie outlook on your surroundings. There is only 2 of you here, there are hordes coming and chances are, you are not going to survive. I learned to spend my mines as a ring of defense around the hiding spot. These mines blow up as waves crash on it, making a "click" sound, you have 10 total, so you can count down as they click, giving you a rough idea of when your close range defenses are gone. From the beginning, you snipe like mad, long distance, as the …