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Simulation of Bell violations in Walker system

Discussing poster at emQM17 with R. Brady (Cambridge) 
Abstract We describe results from an implementation of a Monte-Carlo simulation of Bell-CHSH type correlations with hydrodynamic walkers as suggested by [Vervoort2017]. We observe the formation of pairs of walkers strongly anti-correlated in position and velocity under various random initial conditions.  With a non-relativistic representation of the walkers, i.e. one where the hydrodynamic waves propagate faster than the walkers, as in real life walkers, we observe numerical S values of CHSH correlations above 2, violating the Bell limit as an explicitly non-local system.  We observe Bell violations up to the Tsirelson limit of 2sqrt(2), but not violating it, under fine-tuned observation and post selection conditions.  We report various such runs in the 2 < S <= 2.82 range under the non-separable assumptions.  However when we numerically enforce programmatic separability of the walkers, a numerically enforced locality, then we…