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TF7: Vampires (180 minutes)

Click here for podcast. This one is 3 hours long. Also due to a bug at, you will need to download the full 200meg before you see any text appear over there.

The Ableton timeline is so long that it doesn’t convey any information so instead you get a nice picture of me mixing this. I blogged about visiting JBoss World recently but the coverage was all about the business. In fact part of the fun was talking music with some of the attendees. Many of them were familiar with my remixing endeavors and were avid listeners of this podcast. Made me happy.

One particular feedback I took to heart. The kid comes up to me, this is late into the Disney party, he is visibly completely smashed. I know him from back when and this is a european kid I like. He starts “Marc, I have all your podcast, love the mixing”. I ask him which one in particular, he says “the Neuchatel one is my favorite”. I tell him “that is my least favorite, what did you think of acid-michael”, “hated it” he a…

Love ya 2 PTB!

Jules: I wouldn't go so far as to call a dog filthy but they're definitely dirty. But, a dog's got personality. Personality goes a long way.
--Pulp Fiction

Jonathan Schwartz has this wonderful quote about me in a recent interview 15 minutes with the great man:

Q:Turning to MySQL, how long do you think it will take before MySQL is fully integrated into Sun? We saw with Red Hat and its JBoss acquisition that this can be a slow, laborious process....

A: First, the personalities involved. Let's just say that integrating Marten Mickos into a company might be easier than assimilating a few of the JBoss personalities. Marten is a joy to work with and will make this integration work.

I got to hand it to you Jonathan. You hit the nail on the head. JBoss was full of prima donnas, a lot of them actually; it drove me nuts. My developers were bitching all day long, my executives were even bigger fat cats, my sales guys were testosterone freaks. Even the receptionist had an attitude.…

JBossWorld: debrief

Disclosure: I am a shareholder of RedHat. I do not work for RedHat.

I am back from JBoss World. It was a good thing for me to witness what JBoss has become and I wanted to share my raw notes and impressions.

I feel the JBoss division is finally integrated.

The RHEL-FEDORA model has been implemented and that is a good thing from a sales standpoint. The overlay model of sales is finally being implemented. A lot of attrition and turnover in the sales ranks, but those that have stayed seem to be doing well for themselves and their morale is high due to the proprietary sale of the RHEL/FEDORA model. Customer usage is high. Customers use JBoss heavily, many use multi-products from line-up. "You guys are everywhere, this is the third startup I work at and the default go-to app-server is JBoss". Momemtum in product adoption on the rise.

Developer ranks are intact. Morale has improved dramatically. Some are truly happy there, some less so, but virtually all developers…

I visit JBoss World: Black Tie announcement

I decided to get out of my batcave and fly my carcass down to Orlando for JBoss World. The conference is going full tilt and has a record attendance. It is good to see that the 5th installment of the conference is a resounding success. It also warms my heart to see all the old friends from the JBoss days, employees, customers and partners. Since all the developers are still with RedHat this feels like a buddy reunion.

I am extremelly excited about an announcement that is being made today. It is funny as it is kind of embedded in the press release about "community projects". I always had a beef with the PR style of RedHat when I was there, I always found it too subdued, too discreet. Like they are scared of pissing off their "partners". I am sure management has noticed that the environment and the partners have turned a little more nasty of late and there is no reason to keep the gloves on and not try to piss off anyone.

So in case some of you in the analyst …

Pick: Iberico Ham

Some of you know that I am actually half Spanish. My Mom is from Galicia, Spain. I spent 3 years of my childhood in Madrid and we spend every summer in the Baleric island of Mallorca. And with that background comes an unbound love for one of the best things Spain has to offer the world: The Iberico Ham.

If you like ham, say Italian parma or San Daniele, you have no idea what the "pata negra" is like. It is simply in a category by itself. The pig, a mix of the domestic pig and the Iberico wild boar, sports a black hoof, hence its name "pata negra", litterally "black leg". It suffer from the same genetic disease that Kobe beef does, namely the fat is intermixed with the meat which gives it a marbled look and its exquisite taste. Yes, the taste is always in the fat.

Here is the rub though, you couldn't get it in the US, until this year that is. For years I was frustrated that I couldn't procure myself this fine pig. Every time I would go to Spai…

Pick and Pan: the Electro DJ

Pan: Dave Seaman.

I went out the other night with Nathalie and the usual gang to see Dave Seaman. And for once Nathalie came out, which was great. I also invited Chris Klaus, more on Chris in a second.
I was really excited to get to see Dave. I have been a fan of Dave ever since the 96 Renaissance compilation. It was so new, so fresh. The mix was perfect. I asked him how he had done it, he said "with 2 decks". I said "but how did you get it so seamless back in those days without software?" he said he did in several parts, 3 parts to be precise and then put it together. That album really stood out for me. I re-listened to it recently and, unlike other classics from that era, it has not aged well.

I followed Seaman through his trance transition in the early 2000 still on the Renaissance compilation series. It was by then already becoming less and less melodious. I got to be honest, I really didn't like him all that much by then. But when I saw he was goin…

Pans: Todd Sweeney, the gore bankruptcy

Nathalie and I went to see Todd Sweeney the other day and both hated the movie. I just wanted to leave after an hour and couldn't watch for the rest of the time, literally, just didn't watch.

I just tired of the gore and extreme use of violence in mainstream movies. Ever since "Reservoir dogs", violence is the only thing "in" on screens. Call me french if you want but I just don't understand the fact that you will see endless disembowelment but will NEVER see a single breast in modern movies. I want the 70's and 80's back, someone travel back in time and shoot Tarantino in the head! Terminator style.

Plot is people are beheaded, continuously throughout the movie, turned into burgers in a meat grinder and then served in meat pies for people to eat, all of it served with over the top gushing blood and gore, and this for about 2 hours. It all attempts at being a comedy and a musical on top of it!


Economics and Optimism

I have been noodling over a blog published by Mark Shuttleworth on economic oversteering. The basic coverage is prompted by the drop in interest the FED did last week as the markets were coming unglued, first in Europe then in the US. I am also an avid reader of a more pure-economics blog called "Naked Capitalism" and the author, Yves Smith, also usually takes the road of castigating the FED on its over reaction.

Blame the FED, cheap credit is bad okay?
The article echoes a lot of the economic coverage of the blogosphere that I read of late. Namely that, to use Mark's words, the cut was like giving crack to a crack addict. After all, everyone concurs to blame Greenspan and the low rates of the early 00's, which created a negative real rates, once you factor in inflation. This according to many led to the creation of the housing bubble. Most of the coverage usually goes further with notions of "moral hazard". The banking industry, surprise, is rotten and…