Monday, October 12, 2009

TF21: Detroit Techno

Detroit Techno by marcf999

I don't know if it is because it is autumn but I always seem to go back to the deep techno sound when October weather hits. Something about the melody and hard beats.

I have always loved Detroit Techno. It is funny how little most americans know about Detroit Techno. To them Detroit is a city living in 3rd world squalor. To me and most europeans of my age (40) Detroit is the birthplace of electronic music. When mop-rock was still all the rage in most inland US, the Detroit DJ's were touring european clubs and were blown away at 3000 kids dancing to inner-city black techno music. I remember sharing a cab with a journalist that was going to take pictures of Derrick May at his club, I was headed to the club myself for an afterparty during the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2003. He asked "who is he?", I explained just how influential he had been to the world electronic music scene and bla bla bla... the guy seemed genuinely confused, he was from Detroit and had never really heard of him, he was just there to take pictures. I was truly dumbfounded.

Anyway, nowadays, one of the artists that I think is most in line with what I consider Detroit Techno is "DJ Bone". He has been around for a few years. The stuff he does is really good. The label is called "Subject Detroit" and it features Rennie Foster, which I remixed last year. The sound is hard. Aggressive even. But in true Techno fashion after a few listens it starts sounding like a lullaby to me. This is a compilation of recent (and no so recent tracks) on Subject Detroit. Hope you like it.

Music- DJ Bone
Minimal- Matias Aguayo- Marcus Rossknecht mix
Alias- Aux 88
R.I.D.E - DJ Bone
Good Time Charlie - Rennie Foster
Break It Down - Alekxis Jaina
One More Tune - DJ Bone
Sin City - DJ Nasty
Structured Music - Stephen Brown
Belt of Orion - Rennie Foster
Dead or Alive - DJ Bone
Hot LZ13 - Rennie Foster
Beauty in Decay - DJ Bone
Change (Acapella) - DJ Bone
Crusin Down 7 mile - DJ Nasty
Flying Object - DJ Nasty
Cause of Action - DJ Bone
One Way Out - Mark Williams
Platform 9 3/4 - Alekxis Jaina


Anonymous said...

Just finished listening to the whole thing. Great, great stuff Marc. Thanks for sharing!

Marcf said...

He he,

Glad to made to the end and that you liked it :)

pcleddy said...

good sh-t. where's mo'?

Marcf said...

DJ Bone, liked the mix:

Hello Marc,

Great to finally e-meet you!
I was very impressed and humbled when I read how you referenced the Music speech. Thank you.

I'm on my way to Brussels right now but I just wanted to message you to say thanks for understanding and utilizing the words from the music speech.

Subject Detroit is a grass roots, very independent label with a simple philosophy of communicating through soul tones on a global level no matter what languages are spoken.
We try to focus on the art and not the hype.

We have several projects in the works but as I'm sure you know these things sometimes take a while to come to fruition.

We are also looking for a few software and design people so maybe I can bend your ear for a while in the near future?

About to take off now but thanks again for your interest and support.
Tour mix is very cool by the way. I just started using Ableton in the studio last year and really like it's ease of use. This is the first software I've ever used in the studio besides SoundForge.
I feel there was finally a program that can do what I need it to do.

On the plane getting ready to depart now so I'll contact you again upon my return.

Take care,
DJ Bone (Eric)
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