Texas leads as California dreams on By Newt Gingrich

I thought Newt was dead, but no, the latest from the hot-head in the FT....

Sustained reckless budgeting financed by endless tax increases reflects exactly the kind of society that Americans do not want.

Hey noot! in the picture you will find the legacy of Bush years with tax cuts and big government spending... another reason why I disconnect from the hypocrisy of the political discourse of republicans. Repugs needs to reconnect to their fiscal conservative roots before long.

Newt Gingrich is a phony


Roy Russo said…
Reps/Newt would argue that tax proceeds increased during the Bush taxcut years. It's a shallow argument although factual.

In the bizarro world of the Democrats, you raise taxes and raise spending at the same time, because none of those idiots has ever heard of a Laffer Curve. Welcome to California!

So pick the evil of lesser degree and vote for it.
Marcf said…
I knew this kind of political trash would attract you. I trust you are doing well.

In the bizarro world of the Repugs, you lower taxes and raise spending at the same time. "Deficits don't matter", my ass.

When it comes to voting, I did vote for what I consider the lesser evil. The rhetoric of the repugs scares me.
Roy Russo said…
What can I say, I'm a political trash fly. ;-)

I'm doing well, so much so, that I've begun to pay attention when I hear "tax the rich", but then again, I'm not rich enough to ignore it.
Marcf said…
Good to hear you are doing well.

I knew you were busy because you were commenting less... the post was partly in your honor :)

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