Solar prices plummet in 2010

Via naked capitalism, some numbers about solar power

Of course this spells pain for the existing capacity holders. The commentary points out that the over-supply in from china, but if it is, it is going to take a long time before it reaches Spain or the US. So I am fuzzy as to how this impacts local prices. Also if the prices go down and over-capacity is detroyed then the prices go back up, problem solved. In the meantime we have plenty of cheap solar power... so consumption should go back up... I wonder why they have the numbers go down in consumption, this does not follow normal "supply/demand" logic.


Bill Burke said…
I'm pretty sure I'm going to put in Geo-thermal AC/Heat next Spring. My central AC unit is on its last legs. My furnace is about 18 years old. Just browsing the internet, a new old-school AC unit will run me about $5k. A full geo-thermal system around $15K. New furnace? no idea...

It seems so far like a better investment than a solar system, especially considering I live in the northeast. Prices need to come down another 30-50% for me to even consider a solar array (or for electricity to go up that much)
Marcf said…
Even in ATL we are going to do geothermal for the house. It is very efficient and has been recommended by a lot of people. I trust you are doing well.

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