Wednesday, July 8, 2009

TF20: Indie Pop


Time for an indulgence. I have a sweet tooth for Pop. I was a teen in the 80's. There is excellent stuff being done today in the indie dance genre, which is really pop revisited with dance rythm and modern production. There is downright good music in there.

This mix was assembled with relatively new material, most within the year. For throwback there is some 80's raw. This is all originals, made from original, there is almost no production. It did take a long time to work on transitions. I threw in there two originals from the 80's, spot them.

Playlist: French, Yelle, a modern version of an 80's classic. Yelle has been specializing in porting old french pop to modern times. Computer Camp Love, 2009, catchy tune, very modern, funny lyrics. Needy Girl, by Cameo. One of the best tunes this year all around. The bassline is borrowed from the 80's original that is overlaid in the beggining, Rumors... There is another bassline in there that you might recognize. Needy Girl is a fantastic tune. Outstanding pop.

For fun I threw in there Dim-da-da heavily remixed. It segways into a good modern tune called "Remind me", I do that via acid bells for support of the "pompompero".

Many of you may have heard this tune in the Geico commercial of a year ago or so. This is a great tune, instant hit quality. It transitions to Popular Culture. It is one of those rather trippy tracks that can come out of underground indie production. This one is un-even but inspired. The whinny singing is great, "give us popular culture for free!".

It finishes with one of my favorites (08). It is rather theoretical techno "Black Sheep", the last track, Black sheep uses sounds that only acid bells displayed. I do like modern production! This is not pop, just a wicked track!

It was fun to compile this list. It does mean listening to a lot of stuff, but there are many things in the flow that I like. You can randomly listen to 300 tracks and extract a good 30. It is worth it.

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