Saturday, May 2, 2009

TF 19: Prince, Black Mix

Download new version here.

This is my take on Kiss. A prince classic. Last time I heard this was in a club setting in Berlin at around 5AM. I think it was a JBoss World.

In the background there are bits of "Black Strategy" from DJ Dex. The original is a hot track from early 00's and I played it at around 140BPM at the end of TF3, just like in the original underground techno compilation from Detroit's UR of early 2000. For those that still have TF3 laying around and are so inclined do spot the difference between the 2 tracks at 20BPM difference (20%) they are two different tracks.

Here it is slowed down to its original tempo, playing here at 124BPM... this was a house track when you lend an ear to it.

The result is a lot more sluggish, in a good way, in a hypnotic way. The sounds from DEX take on a edgy and alien-ish dimension. They also have this uncanny ability to distort the original melody, they complement Prince in a new way.

This is a bit of a rough-cut, it has something like 6 hours of work into it. Little sound work was needed. Mostly it is structured as a "long-drink" version of the Prince original with a few repeats and a couple of extensions. I have only used cuts from DEX's first movement, from no melody to wouiiiiiiiiiiouuuuuuuuuuaaaaaa. I think the sound is addictive and just wanted to release it ASAP.


TF said...

Hmm, interesting combination. Yes, the DJ Dex stuff complements Prince in some way. But still they could communicate more. Why does Prince always have the lead throughout the whole piece?

Marcf said...

well, because it is structured as a remix of Kiss, not a remix of DEX :) blah blah, it is hard because it is Prince, and he just *leads*... but yeah I can give it a try with a passage where the wouiaaa is accompanied by a rythmical and voiceless part of Kiss, will give it a try.

Marcf said...


The current version is the result of "more communication". The whole first movement is DEX original. It rocks. Prince co-leads, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet entrance. Those first 10 seconds alone are worth it on their own, and nicely sum up the feel of the entire track.

Marcf said...

Thanks Anon,

Yeah I think so too :) the beginning is truly sweet. It does last a minute. The areal sound is actually from the middle of the DEX track. Sort of a standalone 10 seconds that I repeat over and over. Glad you liked it.