Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Madrid blog: Jamon Joselito

In case you wonder, the main reason I came to Spain is for the ham. Period.

Love actually
So a couple of weeks ago I manned up and went and got myself a leg. Out I come with a Joselito. This being the district of Salamanca, Javier, the store attendant, prepares it like it came from Prada. Check it out in the picture. Nathalie was called "a brand new leg of jabugo ham" in the street the other day by construction workers. She didn't know what to make of it, I assured her it was the ultimate in spanish piropo. The picture proves it!

Gran reserva
The way it is prepared is that the front bone plate is removed. This allows for a continuous cut. As seen in the picture.
Hams vary in quality greatly amongst themselves. This particular one was absolutely superb. I think I shed a tear when I first tried it. There was emotion in the house for about 2 weeks. We devoured it.


Jean-Luc Vanhulst said...

You make me reconsider not eating meat! Seriously.
I was never into all the "US" red meat stuff so I don't miss Fillet Mignon, but good ham, like on the photo....mmmm

Marcf said...

I miss US redmeat.

Roy Russo said...

How is this different from Honey Baked Ham? ;-)

Anyway, I'd gladly trade US quality cuts for foie gras. Try getting that stuff in suburban ATL!

Anonymous said...
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jamon iberico de trujillo said...

Yes ,there is a diffrence with Honey Baked Ham, and some similarities.

Honey baked ham has being boilt, spanish ham "jamon iberico" has been cured by an slow drying process longer than 18 months.

Honey baked ham is sweet, "jamón iberico has an spacial sabour that is not salad but some sweet aromas.

In thsis web you have an article in the section "it is worth while to read" with pictures of all the kinds of hams in the world, and the a comparison between them