Saturday, January 3, 2009

Venturi Volage

As I await the delivery of my Tesla, which should be sometime in Q1 (not holding my breath), a good friend of mine mentioned the Venturi Volage. Denys is french is in his late 50's and has spent his career around electric cars. He mentioned this innovation from Michelin, see the picture, which is basically an electric engine in a tire. The tire does power and suspension, in two different engines and apparently according to Denys, who's driven the michelin tires, was a unique feel of grip, it gives a new definition to 4-wheel drive.

Because the engine is in the wheel, it is not on the chassis. There is NOTHING on the chassis that belongs to the engine (except batteries of course). And so the resulting chassis looks something like this.

Venturi is coming out with a supercar that looks amazing, it is based on the michelin tires.

I am tempted now.


Roy Russo said...

So when I dent my rim in the ATL potholes, does it destroy the motor in that tire? Do I end up running in circles because 3 of 4 motors work?

I give it four stars on the Roy Russo scale of stupid ideas.

Marcf said...

it is not called "volage" for nuthin'

Anonymous said...