Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lost: the wormhole theory

Nathalie and I just finished the 4th season of Lost. We both loved it and were hooked from day 1. Some say they never get into it, that the series "jumps the shark" at the first episode. Truth be told we often wonder "how the hell the writers are going to make it out alive from the plot". Today there is a good piece in the NYT that explain that a bit. It is about the man who keeps the continuity of the series.

For those that follow, I am pretty sure I have figured out something about the island: it harbors a wormhole. In the last episode of season 4, Ben gives away two bits about "Casimir effect" and "exotic matter". They are linked to wormholes. A wormhole is a theoretical prediction from general relativity. You can look it up on wikipedia. Exotic matter is the way to stabilize a wormholes entrance. A wormhole allows supraluminal travel as well as time-travel.

This explains the jumping through time that Desmond experiences as well as the Island "moving". This also explain why "The Others" are the good guys like Ben claims, protecting the island from Mr Widmore. Time travel opens the possibility of all kinds of mischievous behavior. Yah, beam me back to August 07 and let me place a few bets.

Phew, that makes a lot more sense now. Thank you!


Robert Konigsberg said...

I think you raise an excellent point.

I'm left thinking that there's still something significant to be considered here. For instance, just having a wormhole isn't enough to create a cult of 'island identity' and things like a smoke monster. But I can see the wormhole being an important part of the mythos.

Marcf said...

yes, Nathalie and I were discussing these very points this morning :). The identity and fate, smoke monster is something else.

I do believe it is the starting point though "struggle between powerful man for the powers of the island == access to the wormhole". Ben IS the good guys...

Anonymous said...

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Marcf said...

jason hunter, your name sounds familiar... have I met you on a island named "java"?

Dude, you got a serious addiction, very cool site you got there, you could be hired by the show man!!!

time travel is theoretically possible with wormholes, which, frankly, to me makes litte sense. Going forward in time is kosher but going BACK in time doesn't make sense. Do you agree? Is there evidence in Lost of back in time travel? or just forward?