Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Riddance. Letterman top 10 Bush moments

Let's not put an idiot back in the white-house. Ever.


Roy Russo said...

If he would run, I'd vote for him again. ;-)

... but for now, I sit and watch 24/7 marathon coverage of the inauguration. Obama is expected to walk on the reflection pool on the way to the stand. Where's my popcorn?

Marcf said...

Yeah we watched it to, from Spain. The kids were screaming and there was a spanish translator on top. I couldn't understand a thing. Looking for a transcript.

I will tell you what has really pissed me off. Palin. Why does the GOP insist on wanting to put dangerously stupid in the white-house.

Roy Russo said...

I think they were going after the female vote... they clearly chose the wrong person.

For every dumb Palin comment, there's an equally stupid "Spread the wealth around" comment from the other side. Stupidity crosses the aisle.

Marcf said...

Please do not compare Obama with Palin. One is already an historical figure, the other a political zit.

I will not vote GOP until it drops its divisive culture wars. Religious fundamentalism, xenophobia and hatred of elites, may get you votes but they do not make a policy.

I am an atheist, foreign born US citizen, and an elitist and I am really tired of being painted as the devil.

Cynism gets old and hope is the new black.

Roy Russo said...

My point is that the GOP plays culture/religious division, while the tone of the left is class division. Both are stupid, I don't care if you're a pastor or a limousine liberal.

Marcf said...

You mean "I don't care if you are a conservative plumber or limousine liberal."