SUV Sales Evaporate?

It is everywhere in the news and on every commentators lips. The absurdity once known as the Hummer is going the way of the Dinosaur. It went from hip to dead in less than a year. The first casualty of the great oil shock of 2008. I got to say this one was one of the icons of consumerism I most despised. It had become a social statement to have a hummer, they were perceived as "rich". They now look foolish at a 2008 gas station.

In other news in the FT this morning: Mini Cooper sales over take Hummer sales.

Sign of the times. Some of it welcomed!


Anonymous said…
Where do you get all your info? Your financial analysis is mostly flawed. And now, you state the dead opposite of reality. There is no decrease in SUV sales. Actually, an increase. Ford and GM just designed new SUVs to enter the growing european market. Maybe Hummer sales are declining but 1 vendor does not make a pattern.

Marcf said…
Where do YOU get your information?
Marcf said…
Right... crickets...

"Ford SUV sales are down 55%". I don't know it is all over the news... just a google on SUV sales will return it!

Talk show host was covering how SUV's would not be bought back by dealers. It is not a matter of price it is just that they can offload them.

It is getting very very cold in here.
Army No Va said…
The gas lines and/or rationing of 2011-12 will beat any desire to own an SUV out of most anyone. :-)
Wade W said…
You've only been anti-hummer for a year? I've hated the damn things since I laid my eyes on the first commercially available one back in the 90's. And the people who drive them are to blame for our current oil situation and the current price of gas (think supply and demand). You SUV drivers need to look in the mirror when you complain about our economy.
Anonymous said…
Anyone remember the electric car by GM's Saturn, there is a movie about it. At least we can count on not having it come back :-) If it did we would be consumers picking and choosing were we want to buy electricity. So if you want electricity produced by wind or gas you can??? But lets not have that lets come up with a new pigeon hole where we have new type of car with power plant (Hydrogen) in it and one fuel for it so we can not have choices LOL.
Marcf said…

what you say makes no sense.

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