Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spain move: D-6

We are moving to Madrid in six days and I am excited. I like moving, I like not knowing exactly what is coming up. Growing up I moved a dozen times and my parents must have moved 20 times. There is this sense that you don't really know what your life is going to be like in a couple of weeks. I like figuring new things out. For me it is also the return to big city life in Europe.

For Nathalie it is a couple of years outside of the country, living an urban life (we will be in the center of the Retiro), she has liked living in the center of Paris, and a welcomed break from the routine of Atlanta. For the kids it may be a unique opportunity to be immersed in both languages, French and Spanish. We are both tri-lingual, and would love for the kids to be as well.

So we are now in the maelstrom of moving, with well, movers moving stuff and our place emptying up. We have gone through layers of memorabilia in the house. Taking strolls down memory lane as we went. There is a sense of anticipation about the future.

We are coming back. We just bought some land in Atlanta, and while we are building I intend to cool it off in Madrid. It will take us 2-3 years. We have time. Madrid is a good place to be.

Leo (5 years old, in the picture jumping from 30ft at my in-laws lake place) says that he wants to go see a bullfight. I tell him he will see one first on TV. He says he wants the real deal, the arena, I don't know. Nathalie tells him: "but for sure you will go see the Real Madrid play Soccer". I am looking forward to that.

For those of you who wonder what I do over there. I do the same thing I do here. I watch over my investments. One such investment is called "OpenRemote" by the way, it is still stealth but not for much longer. You can get a sneak peak at, it is an open community in Domotics, and I will write more about that soon. But it being online, I can do that from anywhere in the world, and why not Spain or anywhere in Europe?

So we had a bye-bye party last Friday and a lot of you came to Atlanta from afar. It was a great party, Nathalie had a blast, and I thank you all for coming to wish us away.

Ready? Go!


Wayt said...

Bien viaje hombre. Atlanta esta esperado cuando regresas. No se que hablas espanol. Estoy apriendo, poco a poco, con muchos viajes a Guaremala. Mi excuso para viajando alli es que tengo proyecto para ayudar los ninos Maya muy pobre en un pueblito ( La realidad es que es paraiso en Lago Atitlan, y puedo crear una persona nueva en yo alli, sin mi historia como abogado y negocio. Tambien las mujeres son muy amable y les gustan hombres con pieds grande. Bien viaje. Viva Real Madrid!

BitRock Team said...

Actually it is much gory in TV (where they do close ups of the bull with the blood, etc.) than in real life when you see it from the distance. He may also enjoy some of the small towns fairs where they do small scale bullfighting / games. Lots of pueblos celebrate those around 15 August. Also plan to do some travel to the coast if you can, Madrid in August is an "infierno"... You can get Renfe AVE train and be in Malaga in 2:30h

Derek M. Rodner said...
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Galder Zamarreno said...

FAO wayt: A la mierda el Real Madrid! Aupa Athetic de Bilbao :)

Marc, buena suerte en Madrid. Si puedes, visita Bilbao que es donde yo naci. Un abrazo

Dave Williams said...

Don't forget about to plan the trip to Ibiza! If Jen and I make it to Spain anytime soon, we will be sure to stop by. Oh yeah, say hi to Carl Cox for me while you are there :) It was great meeting you this past year and have a blast in Madrid. Jen and I are so jealous!