TF9: Super-b*tch

Nip and Tuck remix series.

You can find it here.

TF9 is a disco marvel. I take SuperNature (Cerrone) and mix with is something called "feeling like a b*tch" and a remix from Rob Acid. The disco acid mix is working really well, specifically in the beginning where the sonar sound feels very natural on the old track. The lyrics are fun and the delivery is good. I let SuperNature dominate the first half. The second part is more hardcore acid, it really starts with the beat breakdown, it is still a bit too fuzzy in my opinion, mostly due to the cutesy stuff Cerrone used to do on keyboard in 77. It is funny to think about the fact that the two tracks are separated by 31 years. The melody keeps the tone of the old disco, that cool melody. It makes it a bit more intriguing in a very modern way. Supernature is an interesting track, still very solid all by itself. I wish I had a master. The voice is SUPERB at least the first 3/4, the synth, while dated sounds pretty good, but the rest of the song is falling apart, from beat support to all the silly trick to the reverb, and goodness those beats... everything is ... sagging.

But not to worry, Dr Technofetichiste knows just what to do (EQ the hell out of it, the equivalent of collagen injections :). In the second part (start with how could I explain) the acid nature of feeling comes out and start dominating and really carries the tune. And then frankly, out of luck the last minute of the song, with the Supernature melody works perfectly, ones of those "aaahhh" moments! I like when gems like that appear in mixes and feel like a true studio remix, like I did it on purpose :)


Anonymous said…
Nice work... studio remix obviously. What do you use?
Marcf said…
Yes studio mix, although very close to a live remix. There are some cuts in there that make studio but it could almost be played as is live.

I use Ableton Live (arrangement view) for the remix work and Mixed in Key for the harmonic selection.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
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