Eurocup2008: NED 4 - FRA 1


Now France has got to defeat those italian clowns to
1/ qualify for the next round
2/ get our revenge for the world cup final.

Lo veo chungo


Roy Russo said…
Head butts. Thats how they win.
3/ Romania to beat Netherlands to send France and Italy home :)
oogifu said…
It has been said that The Netherlands will let Romania beat them to send France and Italy into oblivion.
France and Italy do not deserve the next round anyway.

The French players are good, individually, but cannot play with a team spirit. They are too old, do not give damn anymore. I mean, 5 millions euros per year if you are just a goal keeper, 30 millions (with ad. contracts) for Henry... Jeez.

Anyway; Rugby is so much better.

A French Man
Marcf said…

Yes sorry, I had assumed NED beats ROM and it is indeed an assumption, it may well be that ROM beats NED. And we all go home our tails between our legs.

Marcf said…

I was watching the game with a french friend at home and he made the same comments as you did, it was Henry that triggered it "Il a pas faim" (he is not hungry).

That being told, he mentioned that in the final NBA games it looks like the guys are really hungry.

Rugby is fun but it is played in 13 villages around the round and then down under they kick our ass anyway.
Here is the best scenario:
1) NED beats ROM 3-0
2) France and Italy draw 1-1 and France wins on penalty kicks - World Cup revenge!
3) France with just 2 points (1 loss and 2 draws) gets to the quaterfinals.
oogifu said…
Come one Marc! I was trying to find a game we are good at :-)
BTW, Spain is a better choice than the south of France (where the whole Europe/Russia choose to go and die - like the hidden elephant cemetery).
Marcf said…
We are good at finance!
oogifu said…
Nah. Not a game. Quants from X, Centrale and Co. are everywhere indeed.

hmm.. btw, I am looking for a job ;-) But in IT unfortunately.

I have recently become an off-shore by-product.

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