Monday, May 12, 2008

Teaser: riding ATV with Mark Spencer

I decided to take a trip to spend some time with Mark Spencer. Many of you may know Mark from "Digium/Asterisk". David Skok, our investor at JBoss is invested in Digium. Mark lives in Huntsville, Alabama, NASA town, where men are men, drive trucks, pack guns, fix old school car engines, and can design motherboards with their eyes closed.

Mark recently purchased 42 acres of land, with his own ATV track. At the entrance he has his own flag pole with the Asterisk flag. In the picture you see the two of us getting ready for an ATV session that was a bunch of fun. I didn't know I could have so much fun on a ATV. I didn't get to shoot the gun he has, next time. It was all really pretty cool.

Anyway, this is also meant as a teaser. Why meet with Mark? well he is a genius at hardware design. Let me just say that I am forcing myself into working on a new project. It involves hardware and home automation. Nuff said, let's see if we can get our act together and pump some innovation out in the field. Stay tuned alpha geek friends.


pcleddy said...

fing a! this is awesome. i dont use jbosth, but i do setup asterisk systems. cant wait to see the mad genii result (btw, latin's stupid)

btw, how's the drought treating you? how is the queen of cox taking it?

ps just did some research for the company i slave at for a new phone system. would really have to laugh if the dominant players got knocked. all the big ones circle around windoze, and i makes me retch

oh yea, would you mind ruining m$ in your spare time too? thx

one last thing: man was meant to work. good to see you are back. "life is just an opportunity" said osho. if you arent going to work towards enlightenment, you might as well make great things. or do both. but driving fast cars and drinking doesnt add up, har har

Marcf said...

Yeah but work is not a necessity anymore, so i have to force myself. I do like the research, reading, idea part but the implementation is a drag. However if I don't do stuff, it doesn't just "happen".

It is more discipline than inspiration I guess.

pcleddy said...

yup, someone close to me made it big in bonds, retired at 30-something, got a plane and a porsche, started drinking a lot, taking uppers -- it was a prescription, wink, wink -- and womanizing. that didn't satisfy long. luckily, the real estate market crashed, so the mother of invention took back over

you could always play psych games w/ yourself. i know, sounds stupid, but w/o social and economic necessity, what else is there?

and, yes, i hear you, if you have an inventive idea, even though it sounds simple, it is NOT likely that someone else will do it, and do it well enough, though we are taught to think this way. invention takes a lot of determinate causes to allow for it to happen. at least you have all the time and money preconditions out of the way. now, you just have the soul to deal w/. plus dealing w/ "the system" that creates us, nurtures us, to function based on artificial/basic needs, like proving ourselves or "making it". ie how do they get children to perform in school from an early age?

once you have it all, those internal motivations are gone. they need to be replaced. i dont have that problem, but there must be a simple solution. the greater good of humankind? i could go for that

kicking some ass, that sounds good too, especially bill's ;) ok, i should drop that joke