Grand Theft Auto 4: blah!

Discussing with a good friend of mine this morning that is as big a gamer as I am, prompted me to write this blog. Basically we stared at each other (via IM) going: "Most people rate it 10/10, I don't get it, do you?" , "I don't really like it, do you?".

I am big fan of the series, so of course I was there at release date and bought my copy. I was excited as a fly on sh*t. I was quickly disappointed. I am halfway through the game and I have just dropped it. Didn't get hooked like the other series, just powered through half the game and then... just dropped it. I have only done this once before with GTA Miami. GTA San Andreas is one of my all time favorite games.

Main gripes are:

  1. The driving SUCKS, this is a BAD driving game. I mean it is really worse than the previous games. I loved one car in GTA3, I loved the bikes in both SA and LCS (PSP). Here most of the cars are slow, bounce around like hip-hop cars and the controls are just sluggish. Coming off a game like Burnout, which I just finished, this feels just painful.
  2. The fighting SUCKS, this is a BAD FPS. The fighting controls are sluggish, the fights are too easy.
  3. I don't want to role play a heroin dealer. I am sick and tired of the "dark relativism", maybe I am growing up but organizing heroin deals to buy the latest shoes so that my russian friend looks good is just not a story line I relate to. Going to strip clubs and watching a 3D model do dirty things, is fine but I can't have the kids around and then shooting them up?

On the plus side

  1. Graphics are good
  2. Story has depth, it is more a movie than a game. Really it feels like a chopped up version of Scarface in NYC but interupted with "you drive the car from A to B"
  3. Shooting pigeons is the most fun I have had in this game, but that lasted a day until I realized I was free-roaming shooting pigeons in a virtual world.

The most odd point is something I both like and dislike: the TAXIS. In this version of the game you can ride the taxis and speed through moving. Which is great: I don't hijack cars EVER, I just get in a taxi and pay and get there at once, it speeds up the game. But the downside is that I don't listen to the radio, I don't "drive around" I don't drive at top speed. I never get into the mood of the game.

Bottom line it is ALL VERY BORING TO ME.

I will put recommendations for 2 games I have really liked: Burnout Paradise, FANTASTIC GAME, fantastic driving, graphics, music. Then I am playing IRON MAN... not for everyone but I do like the controls of fighting (flying not so much) but it still beats GTA4...


Max said…
damn - I guess I shouldn't go buy me a PS3 just to get to play the next episode of the game I started playing to relief stress ;)
Marcf said…
Oh you should go buy yourself a PS3 no matter what! I love it so much I am sleeping at night with it. It doesn't make any noise, it rocks.
Jason T. Greene said…
I think its awesome, but not a 10. To get a 10 it would have to be original. I actually like the cover-based fighting system, and think its a big improvement. The amount of content is mind blowing. In particular the side quests seem to have the same polish as the main story line. The atmosphere and detail in the city is impressive.

The main character is much more interesting, so I actually appreciate the plot quite a bit more than in past GTAs.

My only complaint is that the dialog of some characters is over the top with vulgarity. So much so, that it is pretty much becomes verbal masturbation, with no actual interesting element to a line.

The PS3 is a great system, definitely worth the buy. Mine does get noisy when it gets hot.
Marcf said…

Yeah I can see your point, I guess I am suffering from overhype letdown. Maybe I pick it back up given that I just finished IRONMAN.

Totally agree on the language. Very over the top. F* bombs all the time, are too much, a little f bombing goes a long way.

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