Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beowulf, 3D worked

Saw Beowulf yesterday. I was very pleasantly surprised that the technology works.
We are going to see a new kind of film making. Expect a lot of nudity. The violence and gratuitous gore get to be to much in 3D.
The final battles are out of this world.

I like the fact that the majors are pushing this systemically. The future of movie watching seems very exciting indeed.
I want it on my game console. I want a home version of this type of screen. I want a 3D rendering machine that enables me to fight the storm troopers in the long corridors. I will settle for a star wars 3d redux. I will pay 30 dollars to do this every week. I will come with 4 kids.
Someone will make a buck of selling personalized eyewear. Great one. Go see it as soon as you can, you have never seen anything like it.


Daniel Brum said...

Saw this on Imax this weekend, blew me away.

ralibali said...

Here is my take on the movie :)

Juha Lindfors said...

There were a couple of uncanny valley moments in Beowulf that kept nagging me and I couldn't completely enjoy the movie. Mostly the dead eyes (in certain angles, especially on Malkovich's character), the women who looked like dolls rather than women, and wherever they saved money on rendering the background characters.

And while they've learned not to render human skin to look too perfect anymore, their movements are still pretty robotic -- perfect muscle balance at every moment following some preplotted trajectory resulting in some eerie gliding.

I wasn't that impressed with the 3D since it's been done before, so I fully expected to not like this movie walking in. Unfortunately I got caught in the story by the second half so now I gotta say it's an OK movie. I blame Neil Gaiman in the script credits for that (yes I'm a fanboi, so go see Stardust with the kids while you're at it, and hopefully some of his darker stuff will end up on big screen eventually also).

Real-time rendering will come in time I suppose, in the meanwhile I'm wondering if we'll see more of characters created with one actor's voice, other one for movement and a model's body all mixed in. I think it will work better for 3D rather than trying to create an exact replica of Angelina Jolie.