Sunday, November 18, 2007

American Gangster.

Saw American Gangster earlier this week. This recommendation came in via my in-laws and it is a great movie. It unfortunately glamorizes heroin way too much, which reminded me of how pulp fiction started an epidemic back in the early 90's. Denzel is great. I specically loved the part where he explains that the secret to his success is "a product that is twice as good as the competition, at a price that is half that of the competition."

Particularly enjoyable to me was the scene where Frank Lucas explains to a fellow dealer fhat he is going to have to change the name of the heroin he distributes to something else than "Blue Magic" and should really use "Blue dog shit" because the first one is his trademark and that there has got to besome limit to what people can do with your brand name.

Whodathought. Heroin kingpins and OSS entrepreneurs have something in common.

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